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Cypress forests once covered great swaths of Florida.  The two species of cypress native to Florida, the bald cypress and the pond cypress, still dot the landscape and play vital roles economically and ecologically. Florida, in fact, has more cypress forest than any other state. Both species are members of Cupressaceae, the cypress tree family, and both are members of the Taxmodium genera. Ponds and balds are similar enough to each other that at one point they were thought to be one species. Both are prized for their wood, which is insect and rot resistant.

Recommended Care:  After you receive your new chair or table:

Water Guard Multi-Surface Waterproofing Clear Sealant offers convenience and value. Penetrating, advanced multi-surface sealant protects against water damage and creates a mildew-resistant coating. Perfect for a variety of substrates including concrete, brick, stucco, and wood.
Ready mix, ready to use clear sealant
Provides protection on multiple exterior surfaces, including exterior decks, fences, siding, wooden furniture and structures, concrete, brick, stucco, steps, sidewalks, patios and more
•    Durable sealant that provides waterproofing protection
•    Penetrates and protects against water damage
•    Provides mildew resistant coating
•    Clean up with just soap and water
•    Normally dries in 12-24 hours when applied at 50°F to 85°F
•    Allows wood to weather and gray naturally


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